The European flour milling association

The European Flour Millers' association is the voice of the European wheat, rye and oat milling industry both at EU & international levels. Members are the representative national associations from 28 European countries. In representing over 90% of the milling capacity in Europe, it is able to reflect credibly and authoritatively the interests of the industry.

Our aims

  • To guarantee the European flour milling sector right to be competitive and innovative, whilst promoting its responsibility in food safety, health and nutrition;
  • To improve and strengthen sustainable production of European flour;
  • To support these objectives by instigation of scientific research and lobbying, monitoring of its products and best practice dissemination amongst the members.

Our priorities

  • Promoting food safety throughout the flour supply chain whilst avoiding an excessive regulatory burden
  • Securing competitive access to raw materials in the quality and quantity required, including the management of extreme price volatility, and maintaining a sufficient level of protection against flour imports
  • Contribute to improving the competitiveness of the flour milling sector
  • Facilitate restructuring of the flour milling industry at EU level to eliminate substantial over-capacity & contribute to maintaining sufficient export activity
  • Defending and promoting, with the help of national associations, the sustainable, wholesome & healthy image of flour based-products

Our credentials

The European Flour Millers' association is registered in the Transparency Register

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