A delegation of millers to learn about the China grain chain in 2019

A delegation of European flour millers will go to Beijing in September 2019. The objective is to discover the Chinese grain chain and its functioning, from the sourcing of raw materials to the purchase of bakery products in Alibaba stores.

Exchanges with Chinese officials and local stakeholders, followed by the visit of local companies and a new retail store will be part of the programme.

In particular, millers will learn on the following subjects:

- Where is China in its economic and political cycle?
- The impacts of the US-China trade war and a Chinese economic recession;
- The Chinese agricultural policy and the structure of the grain chain;
- China's practice and experiences of safeguarding the nation's food security with grain reserves - exchange with the China Grain Reserves Corporation (Sinograin);
- The wheat potential in China, varieties and prospects for breeding techniques and biotechnology;
- What is the China National Cereal, Oilseeds and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO) and introduction to its wheat processing division;
- The trends in the Chinese consumer behaviour and baking goods.