Millers play a vital role in ensuring the continuous supply of local cereal flours

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The flour milling industry plays a vital role in feeding and nourishing people. The sector is the largest single food user of domestic wheat, rye and oats in Europe.

As the trade association for the industry, European Flour Millers is dedicated to supporting its members to maintain the sustainable supply of local cereal flours in Europe More information →

Indicating the origin of the raw material could be misleading although true by suggesting that the flour or flour-based products possess ‘qualities’ or special characteristics, when all similar products possess such qualities or characteristics
Jan Cordesmeyer, Vice-President
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Millers are proud of the strategic role they play in society, delivering efficiently produced, high-quality local primary food so that everyone in Europe can enjoy their daily bread. The flour milling sector is a key asset, underpinning European food security. It is an industry that must not be taken for granted.
Francesco Vacondio, President
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Most millers are now operating in a very competitive global landscape, where it is important to understand markets’ functioning and assess prospects. Helping millers spot future trends and developments to inform daily business decisions is crucial
Gary Sharkey, Vice-President
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