The European Flour Milling Supply Chain

The flour miller is a primary food processor

The flour milling industry plays a central role in the cereal chain, turning safe & quality grain from many different farms into a range of flours for human consumption.

Harvest seasonality & continuous process

Flour millers process wheat and other agricultural raw materials, the availability of which is subject to seasonality and climate variations. Flour mills, like any other primary processing plants, have to ensure their continuous supply, as their transformation process cannot be interrupted.

Large volumes to reach economies of scale

The processing of agricultural bulk commodities requires the transformation of large volumes to reach economies of scale and be profitable. Typically, primary food processors are small margin businesses.

Flour millers mostly sell B2B to the second-processing industry

The flour millers sell most of their flours business to business (B2B) to downstream food manufacturers. As food business operator, the flour miller has key obligations deriving from the EU food safety legislation.

The European flour milling association is a founding member of the Primary Food Processors association in Brussels.